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Leaders In Earthworks

Since 2011

Safety and Certificates

The health and safety of each team member is of utmost importance and one of our fundamental core values.  


We prioritize health and safety at every job site, to protect all team members, customers, visitors, and the public. 


Ideal Earthworks maintains the following memberships and certifications:


  • COR – Certificate of Recognition  

  • E Rail Safe

  • ISNetworld

  • ACSA – Alberta Construction Safety Association

  • CSTS – Construction Safety Training System

  • ComplyWorks

  • Level C First Aid & CPR

What We do

Our Services

Menzi Solutions

The Menzi Spider is a walking excavator with special features built on a sophisticated high-tech chassis. It has various cylinders enabling the all - rounder to adapt its wheels and supports to any terrain. Mountain stabilizers provide increased support on steep slopes assisting with gaining access in hard to reach areas.  


Our Menzi Spider excavator provides a unique advantage over standard rail based equipment given its' ability to independently de-rail and re-rail on an open section of track. Transformations from rail excavator to mobile walking excavator are completed quickly, allowing work to be done on and off the rail more effectively and efficiently.


The Menzi Spider uses only biologically degradable hydraulic oil to help protect environmentally sensitive areas including streams, forests, the surrounding landscape and wildlife. With the adjustable legs in addition to the environmentally safe oil, the result is the ability to safely work in water depth up to two meters.


Our Menzi has the following attachments:


  • Grapple

  • Mulcher

  • Winch

  • Climbing Claws

  • 360 degree tilt rotator provides increased functionality and versatility of attachments

  • Air Compressor

  • Power line for extra auxiliary hydraulic output


The Menzi Spider specializes in:


  • Rail Services

  • Municipality Services

  • Construction

  • Forestry

  • Flood Mitigation - Emergencies

  • Fire Prevention - Emergencies

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Ideal Earthworks is a leader in the greater Edmonton area for quality residential construction.

Our services include:


  • Basement excavations

  • Water, sewer, and power installs

  • Gas preparations

  • Backfill and rough grading

  • Demolition

  • Water, sewer, and cc maintenance and repairs.


We have a fleet of trucks and equipment to accommodate any requirement.


Ideal Earthworks has been successful in completing a multitude of commercial projects varying in sizes. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and are steadfast in hitting our target expectations. 


Our commercial services include: 


  • Demolitions and site cleanup

  • Trenching

  • Compaction

  • Grade beams

  • Site prep and reclamation

  • Tree mulching

Some examples of projects we have completed include:


  • Excavation for the electrical vault for upgrades at the U of A.

  • Base prep for new foundations for heritage buildings at St. Albert Grain Elevator Park.

  • Loading dock removal and base prep/asphalt repair for lot renovation.

  • Trenching for upgrades at U of A (Lister Hall).

  • Condo building parkade excavation.

  • CRU building plumbing trench work.



Ideal Earthworks has become a trusted partner with municipalities in the Northern Alberta market. We continue to grow our business in this sector with our focus on safety and delivering superior results on time and on budget.  

Some of the municipality services that we specialize in are:


  • Drainage & culvert installation, maintenance, and repairs

  • Mulching and clearing

  • Flood mitigation and emergencies

  • Fire prevention and emergencies

  • Reclamation

  • Erosion and sedimentation control


Ideal Earthworks is very active in the rail business and continues to deliver ongoing solutions to a variety of challenges. We focus on safety first while helping our business partners keep rail ways and bridges open, safe, and productive.


Our Menzi Spider is our solution provider for almost any terrain. Its ability to navigate access in and out of difficult to reach landscapes makes this machine the "Swiss army knife of excavators".  


Some of the rail business we specialize in includes:


  • Drainage & culvert installation, maintenance, and repairs

  • Bridge repair & improvement

  • Mulching and clearing 

  • Flood Mitigation – Emergencies

  • Fire Prevention – Emergencies


Flood Mitigation & Fire Prevention

Ideal Earthworks is available 24/7 for flood mitigation and fire prevention services.


Some of these services include:

  • Beaver dam removal

  • Log jam removal

  • Pump services

  • Selective mulching


We offer our services anywhere within Western Canada.


We offer a wide variety of trucking services to accommodate your ever-changing needs. 


Trucking services include:

  • Loboy (Tandem axle tractor/Tri axle trailer)

  • Tandem dump trucks

  • 1 Ton truck with 30' gooseneck flat deck

  • 3/4 or 1 Ton truck with 20' car/equipment hauler

  • Pickup truck with fuel tank


Who We Are

About Our Company

We are a highly experienced, safety oriented excavation and demolition contractor that pride ourselves on working towards the most cost effective and efficient completion of your project, big or small. Ideal Earthworks remains steadfast in our project completions and are continuously setting the bar for low environmental impact construction. 

What We do

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Career Opportunities

Ideal Earthworks is always looking to add hard working members to the team.

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