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Our Company.
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The Ideal Earthworks team have been in business for over 25 years and are trusted service providers to municipality, rail and residential and commercial businesses.


We are one of Alberta’s industry leaders in providing services and expertise to these sectors.


We deliver strong results with the highest quality of service, workmanship and risk reduction.  And we don’t stop there - At Ideal Earthworks, we are continuously improving, learning and focused on increasing value for our customers.

Our Vision.

We are committed to building lifelong customers and relationships by being a trusted advisor and solution provider.


We strive to maximize customer satisfaction by providing the highest standards of safety, quality and productivity leading to mutual benefit for the client and us.

Our Menzi.
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The Menzi Spider is an all - terrain excavator with special features built on a sophisticated high-tech chassis. It comes equipped with mountain stabilizers on the front and rear which allows it to adapt its’ wheels to any terrain and steep slopes.


Our Menzi Spider excavator enables working next to the tracks because it can independently re – rail on an open section of track, for example on steep railway embankments. Transformations from rail excavator to mobile walking excavator are completed in minutes.


The Menzi Spider uses only biologically degradable hydraulic oil to help protect the streams, forests and the overall environment. The Menzi Spider can work in water depth up to two meters.



This machine specializes in rail maintenance, flood protection and bridge clearing, steep slope excavation, river restoration, vegetation management, brush cutting, mulching and much more….

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